Pumpkin Blossoms Recipe

Hello There!

This week I would like to share a really tasty and fun dish using pumpkin blossoms! It’s really simple!

Start the prep by gathering your pumpkin blossoms and removing the stem and stamen from the blossom. Then pass the blossom through water to remove any dirt.

Begin sauteing onion with olive oil until tenderness is reached, add chopped tomato or one can of stewed tomato. When the mixture is hot, add the blossoms and stir until soft. Season to taste.

Serve as a side dish.

IMG-20150906-WA0022 (2)
Pumpkin Blossoms
IMG-20150906-WA0020 (2)
Remove Stem and Stamen from Blossoms
IMG-20150906-WA0021 (2)
Add blossoms to mixture

Enjoy your blossoms!


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